The next step in the GetReviews setup process is in the creation of a product. A “Product” is what the customer purchased on Amazon. Let’s go over how to create a product.

  1. First, click the “Products” item in the left navigation
  2. Then, click the “+ Add Product” button

On the add product page, there are 5 key inputs that you will need to address to create a product. Let’s go over what these inputs mean.

  1. Product Name : The product name is the name of the product that your customer ordered from you on Amazon. Be sure to name this something that your customer will recognize, as this product name is presented to your customer to select from on the first page of the survey in the “Which product did you purchase?” dropdown.
  2. Eligible Giveaways : Eligible giveaways are the giveaways that you would like to make available for your customer to select from for providing their review on this product. For example, if your customer ordered this product, what giveaways would you like to make available for them to select from? If only one eligible giveaway is selected, your customer will receive that giveaway. If multiple eligible giveaways are selected, your customer will be able to select which giveaway they would like to receive.
  3. Image : Provides a visual representation of the product purchased.
  4. ASIN : The ASIN provided here should match the ASIN of this product on Amazon. When GetReviews validates customer order numbers, the order number/ASIN combination is what is sent to Amazon Seller Central to ensure the order is legitimate. If the ASIN does not match, the customer will receive an error message.
  5. Validate Amazon Order Number? : In some situations, your products may not have an Amazon order number. For example, if you sell your products on Amazon Vendor Central, Amazon does not give you access to their order numbers to validate against, so validation needs to be done a different way. When “Validate Amazon Order Number” is unchecked, instead of requiring your customer to input an Amazon order number, they are prompted at the end of the survey to upload an image of their proof of purchase. Validation of proof of purchase will need to be done manually.

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