GetReviews is capable of exporting your customer survey data to an FTP server for processing. Customer survey completions create and upload one .csv file per completion to the desired FTP server.

  1. Login to
  2. In the top right corner of your screen, (1) click the user icon () and (2) click “Integrations”
  3. Under FTP, click “Configure”
  4. On this page, (1) Enable the integration, (2) enter your FTP host name, (3) enter your FTP username, (4) enter your FTP password, (5) enter the directory where you would like the .CSVs to go, and (6) click save.
  5. In left-hand navigation, click “Surveys”
  6. Click “Edit” next to the survey you would like to export data to your FTP from
  7. (1) Go to Integrations tab, (2) click the “FTP Upload” checkbox and (3) click save

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