Offer your customers gift cards & eGifts with the integration. is a reward redemption platform that allows your customers to select from a wide range of gift card & eGift offerings, including popular redemption options like gift cards, Visa gift cards, and direct cash payments via PayPal. To begin offering gift cards & eGifts, follow the instructions below.

Sign Up & Configure

  1. Sign up for a Tremendous account at
  2. Once signed up, click “Campaigns” in the navigation
  3. Next, click the “CREATE A CAMPAIGN” button
  4. Next, (1) Select which eGifts you would like to make eligible for your customer to redeem, then (2) click Continue
  5. Tremendous gives you the option to customize certain elements of your landing page. If you would like to customize your landing page, (1) select which elements you would like to edit, then (2) click Continue
  6. If you would like to customize the content of the email that Tremendous sends out to your customer to claim their reward, (1) click “Edit your email,” then (2) click Done
  7. Name your campaign, and click “Save Campaign.”
  8. Back on the Tremendous dashboard, click “Settings” in the navigation
  9. In the left-navigation, (1) click “Saved Accounts” and then (2) add the payment method you would like to use to pay for your gift cards/eGifts. For payment, you can either pre-fund your Tremendous account and draw down from that amount for each gift card/eGift redemption, or you can pay for each individual gift card/eGift redemption at the time of redemption.
  10. Next, in the left-hand navigation, (1) click “Developers” and then (2) click “Add Token.” Note: If you get an error here that says “Failed to generate access token. Please contact to request production access,” contact and say that you are requesting production access for
  11. On the resulting screen, copy your access token and paste into a word processor (i.e. Microsoft Word, Notepad, etc.) Note 1: This is the only time this token is shown in its entirety, so be sure to copy this token in its entirety Note 2: If a new token is generated, the new token replaces the old token, so any systems using the old token will break. Be sure to update all systems using this token if a new token is generated.
  12. After your access token has been generated, return to the Tremendous dashboard, and click “Campaigns” in the navigation
  13. On the Campaigns page, locate the ID of the campaign you would like to make available for your customer to select as their giveaway. Once you have located the ID, copy and paste it into your word processor.


  1. On GetReviews, visit your funding source utility page at Replace ACCESSTOKEN with the access token that was generated in step 11 above.
  2. Once on your funding source utility page, locate the ID of the funding source that you would like to use to pay for your gift card/eGift redemptions.
  3. Next, (1) click on the user icon in the top right of the screen, and (2) click “Integrations”
  4. Locate the Tremendous integration and click “Configure”
  5. On the Tremendous configuration page, (1) click Enable, (2) input your access token generated on step 11 above, (3) input the funding source ID that you selected on step 2 above, (4) select which Order Endpoint you would like to use (there is a testing endpoint and a live endpoint, choose which one suits your needs) then (5) click Save.
  6. Next, in the left-hand navigation, (1) click Giveaways, (2) click Add Giveaway, and (3) select eGift
  7. On the eGift creation page, (1) add a giveaway name (this name will be presented to your customer, so ensure this is something that your customer will recognize, such as eGift or Gift Card), (2) assign the giveaway to products, (3) add a product image, (4) input the campaign ID that you copied on step 13 above, (5) input the dollar value that you would like to make this giveaway (in whole numbers only with no special characters, i.e. 5), (6) add a SKU value if necessary, (7) add a description, (8) enable a redemption limit if desired, and (9) click Save.
  8. In the left-hand navigation, (1) click Surveys, and (2) click “Edit” on the survey that you would like to enable the Tremendous integration on
  9. On the survey edit page, (1) click the integrations tab, (2) enable the Tremendous integration, and (3) click Save

Once these steps are completed, your customer will be able to select the eGift giveaway you created on eligible products.

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